James Reid Funeral Home Services

Funeral Directors at James Reid Funeral Home are available for consultation. Several options regarding service, interment and reception arrangements are available. Personal choices of families with respect to music, photos and treasures to be displayed are welcome. Information regarding possible financial benefits is also available.

James Reid Funeral Home provides a quiet, sensitive setting for making funeral arrangements. All details are attended to personally including the co-ordination with hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, cemeteries, crematoriums, clergy and newspapers.

Visitation or Family Gathering 
Funeral Directors attend the visitation with the family. Staff receives family and friends, collects memorial donations, responds to personal requests, and cares for refreshments, lounges and telephone communication.

A visitation or gathering allows relatives and friends to support and encourage the bereaved. This time helps people accept that their family member, friend or co-worker has indeed passed away. It may be a public or a private time.

Funeral or Service of Remembrance 
A Funeral Director oversees the funeral service and directs all aspects of this important event. Staff receives family and friends, collects donations, delivers flowers and attends to any special needs. A Funeral Director co-ordinates the funeral procession and interment service, or the delivery of the cremated remains and the final disposition. 
A service pays tribute to the life of the deceased, and allows family and friends to share memories and express feelings. The service may be public or private.

Visitation or Gathering 
James Reid Funeral Home is wheelchair accessible and includes a spacious lobby for meeting, five intimate suites for receiving family and friends, and a lounge for enjoying refreshments and conversation.

A comfortable atmosphere for large groups and small gatherings is provided.

Funeral Service 
The funeral or service of remembrance may be held in an on-site chapel, which is able to accommodate large groups in a church-like setting, or at a Church of choice.

Trained staff, vehicle and equipment are employed to transfer the deceased person from the place of death to the funeral home.


  • Funeral Coach: A custom manufactured hearse of highest quality is provided for dignified transportation of the deceased to the cemetery or crematorium.
  • Lead Car: The funeral director and clergy are transported in a sedan car for the procession or for the return and delivery of personal cremated remains.  We use a purple flashing light to identify the funeral procession. 
  • Limousines: The limousines seat seven people, and are driven by one of our courteous staff drivers. If the family wishes, one of our limousines can accommodate the pallbearers, and the other seven family members may be accommodated by limousine.

Reception Centre: 
An open, spacious and comfortably furnished room is available for families to receive friends after the funeral service for a time of hospitality or available for a memorial reception. Catering is available from a selection of fine Kingston delis. Coffee, tea, sugar and milk are provided, as well as, china and napkins. Hostesses care for the presentation and clean up of the food and refreshments. Upon request a bar-set up is available.

Required Documentation
For your convenience and in accordance with legal requirements, Funeral Directors register the death, obtain burial/cremation permits and provide Funeral Director's Statements of Death for Estate purposes. All necessary documentation is provided for promptly. This charge does not include the actual fees for the documents.

Assistance in the application for benefits such as life insurance, Canada Pension Plan, death benefits, or the Department of Veterans' Affairs benefits, etc. are also provided depended on the package chosen by the family.

Stationery Package: This package includes a visitor register book, personalised In Memoriam Cards and/or Prayer Cards, Clergy Records, DVD slideshow presentation and Thank You cards. These help families express appreciation for those who sent floral tributes and memorial donations. Custom printing is provided on all stationery.