Green Burial Options

"Green Burial" lessens one's impact on the environment and enables the circle of life more naturally. We provide green, or natural, burials, along with the kind of goodbyes you would like to surround them with. 

With our friends at Green Burial Kingston (, we are keen to see a green burial cemetery established here in the Kingston area. On March 23, 2021, Kingston City Council moved to study the options. This is exciting but much work is ahead. If you would like to join, you can become a member on their website for only $20. 

Glenwood Cemetery in Picton, one hour away, has Green Burial Grounds within the cemetery. A section of the cemetery, in the woods, is a lovely spot for green burial or for scattering of cremated remains. Also, for years Cobourg Union Cemetery has operated Ontario's first Green Section for Natural Burials.  You may have a service or gathering with us and/or a Green Burial graveside service in either Picton or Cobourg.

There are five principles of green burial:

Picton's Glenwood Cemetery Green Burial Open House Nov 2018

  1. Use of biodegradable materials
  2. Ecological care of the grounds to help nature
  3. Communal marking with individuals mapped
  4. No embalming with formaldehyde 
  5. No vault or grave liner

 On the right are Picton's Glenwood Cemetery staff and board members at their Open House about Green Burial on November 5th, 2019, from left: Mary Sinclair (marketing), Sandy Latchford (chair), and Helma Oonk (manager/cemeterian).        

We offer a shroud or an environmental casket that uses plant-based and water-based adhesives and peg and dowel construction and tung oil finish. We also offer formaldehyde-free embalming, which is required for winter vault storage at some cemeteries. 

Six-Point Bamboo Coffin

 bamboo shroud (comes with underboard) and optional willow carrier


Not at all crematoriums. Our Crematorium was built in 2014 and follows high environmental standards, continuously monitored by the Ministry of the Environment. Our crematorium creates almost no emissions, unlike older crematoriums. Ours creates no smoke, no harmful toxins, no unhealthy byproducts other than CO2 from the natural gas used as fuel, approximately $4.00 per cremation in Carbon Tax in January 2019. 

Home-Directed Death-Care

For those who are interested, we also facilitate home-directed death-care, where the family shares in or does the washing and dressing of their loved one and sits vigil in the home or in our funeral home. This can be followed by a funeral or Celebration of Life, green burial, traditional burial, cremation or cremation with scattering. We are open to and interested in partnering with families in their loved one's death care. Our 165+ year roots go back to these practices.  

At the Swan Song Festival presentation of "A Will for the Woods" at the Screening Room, October 19th, 2019, from left: Aileen Stewart of Death Care Kingston (host), Sarah Reid Hedberg of James Reid's, Sue Lyon of Green Burial Kingston, Heather Jackson of James Reid's, Shannon Gendron of Green Burial Kingston, and Nancy MacMillan from Thresholds Psychotherapy

"Considering Natural Burial in Kingston" by the Natural Burial AssociationDownload the PDF here