This service includes the arranging and co-ordination of all details to provide families with one hour of visitation, followed by a ceremony in our chapel.   Burial, cremation or entombment may be chosen.  Included items are the completion of the necessary documents required by our Provincial and Federal Government, unlimited proof of death certificates, our Estate Care Assistance, transportation of deceased from a local place of death to the funeral home and to the place of final disposition, preparation of deceased, staff and facilities for the visitation as well as for the ceremony, and our stationery package.  We will supply automotive equipment including the funeral coach, clergy/lead car and family/pallbearer limousine.  Our stationery package includes, at no additional cost, a collage DVD/USB (up to 80 photos) and live streaming of the ceremony.

Service Charge:

  • Basic professional fee - $700.00
  • Co-ordination of activities, rites and ceremonies - $650.00
  • Documentation - $550.00
  • Initial transportation from place of death - $370.00       
  • Embalming of remains*  or - $595.00
  • Basic preparation of remains* ($180) - Included
  • Facilities for preparation/embalming and sheltering - $200.00
  • Staff Services for visitation and ceremony - $695.00
  • Facilities for visitation and ceremony - $695.00
  • Custom Stationery Package* - $335.00
  • Funeral coach/hearse* - $375.00
  • Lead/clergy vehicle* - $160.00
  • Family/pallbearer limousine* - $175.00
    Total: $5,500.00

    *Services/merchandise that are available to all families and may be declined

    ​Additional costs may include caskets, burial vaults, urns, cremation fee, reception facilities, catering, flowers, after hour transportation between the hours of 5pm – 9am daily, disbursements and HST