The Baby Behind the Brand

In our fourth generation, The James Reid Funeral Home (and Furniture Stores) is fortunate to know of our founder's life story, the original James Reid. His story is told here, from arriving from Ireland as a baby to the end of his life at seventy-one in 1900.

The Fred Reid Story

The youngest son of James' 12 sons and daughters, Fred Reid grew to be a Kingston favourite. Many stories are still told, and added to here by his great-granddaughter, Sarah Reid Hedberg.

Father was a Funeral Man

Here is the first of James W. Reid's memoirs. Written in 1986, it tells of the character and idiosyncrasies of Fred C. Reid, the father of the writer, James W. Reid. Here is a great man, and an unusual profession, in a time not so long ago.

      Hot Summer Funerals

Running a funeral has its risks, parrots among them. A real tale of life at a funeral, by James W. Reid.