Reception and Celebration Centre


Let us be your event planners in this comforting and convenient space. Let us host the "Something" that will help you through this transition. It's about the relationship ties which continue and can be the greatest strength in your life.

Bright, spacious and comfortable, our Reception and Celebration Centre hosts friends and family in many different ways. If you'd like a party, we'll host with catered food and/or bar service. Consider live music, playing DVDs, an MC to facilitate stories, funny and poignant. Or perhaps in the midst of a private family gathering, someone among your family or friends speaks a few words or remembrance. Celebrations of Life come in all kinds. Or you may prefer a spiritual leader to guide a service in an informal setting, including prayer, poems, and/or readings to commemorate the death of your loved one. This is often called a Memorial Reception. Or you may choose to gather here for a Reception after a funeral in our chapel or your church, leaving the serving, hosting and cleaning up to us.  

Let us know. And it's never too late. Sometimes, "something" is held years after a death. If it doesn't feel complete, make your own ritual to say goodbye with others. People don't have to disappear without a goodbye.