Karina Inara Zeilers

Karina Zeilers


Karina Inara Zeilers passed away on February 25, 2022. Born January 6, 1954 in Kingston, Ontario, she was the beloved daughter of Relda (née Tallmeister, d.2011) and Gurijs (d.1999). She graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts. Only completing her Bachelor of Education from Western University in London, Ontario kept her away from Kingston for any length of time. She was a true “limestone city” girl.


Karina was a kind, generous and faithful friend, eager to remember and celebrate all life’s milestones and to lend a sympathetic ear for sorrows. Her friendships were long-lasting; most enduring from childhood and her student years. She was interested in others, young and old, and actively followed local, national and global politics. She was always ready for a phone call, a surprise lunch or a long neighbourly chat across the back fence.


Bubbly with a lively personality, she held strong and often contrarian opinions but, beneath the surface, was far more sensitive than she would ever let on. Her consideration for all animals kept her a lifelong committed vegetarian. Karina was an avid swimmer at the Artillery Park Aquatic Centre, Nylon and Sandbanks beaches and in her own backyard pool. She was proud of her Estonian and Latvian heritage and culture. She enjoyed music, ballet, opera and travel. With an artistic eye, she appreciated beautiful works and handicrafts.


Karina lovingly cared for her ailing mother and bravely faced her own health challenges.


A Kingston-sister, cousin and friend, Karina will be dearly missed.